Life Book – A Celebration of You – An Introduction

“Life Book, a celebration and honouring of YOU” 

Life Book 2022 – Willowing Arts

In a world that feels so heavy at the moment, I really wanted a productive creative outlet. Have you seen Tamara Laporte from Willowing Arts work? Oh my sparkles, it’s amazing. Largely whimsical characters, but a gloriously therapeutic approach to application, mirrored with the layering of mediums and materials.

32 incredible artists, crafters and healers

Yet Life Book 2022 is not just Tamara. It’s a group of amazingly talented artists sharing their passions, their stories, their creations. New tutorials are released every week and there is a focus on growth and wellbeing. It’s all about nourishing your personal development. It is an incredible release for your creativity. Follow along using their templates, or be inspired and do your own thing.


The other thing I love about Life Book 2022 is the community. You don’t need to join in, of course, but if you do you can find them on Facebook – all the details are provided for this private group when you join Life Book. Now I must add, for all my sparkly excitement, this is an endorsement based on experience. I’m not affiliated with Willowing Arts. I just love Tam and what she does.

Every week or so I will update you with what I’ve been creating and perhaps my journey as I paint and stick it. I also love it because I get sooooo messy. I can’t help but fall in love with my bright yellow finger tips, and yes, I may have stained the floor a bit more too. Oooops.

See you soon, Gracie x

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