We all have different bodies and that is okay. However, thanks to social media, film, print and music, we are expected to look a specific way, and most of us don’t. This has bred an increased anxiety amongst many girls and woman (men too, but I will be doing a separate course for men to maintain our safe space) and this has made us have extremely poor relationships with our body image. 

If you would like to try and develop a new positive relationship with your body, this multi-part course may be just what you need, and I hope you will join me in starting that journey.  

A First Step to a Positive Relationship with your Body

For 20 years I’ve battled with my body, mostly due to medical reasons. In this last 20 years I became embarrassed, ashamed and quite frankly, my body and I have had a hostile relationship. No matter what I’ve tried my body did and does whatever it wants to do. However, by approaching my body through art, a safe and private exploration of myself, I have started a new journey and a new positive relationship with my body. For me, I drew one of the curves and smiled to myself, loving the line I drew, and then it occurred to me, that line that I loved, that line that made me smile, is a line on my body. The was the moment my body positive journey truly began. It has made me more confident. I feel brave and courageous, but I also feel a bit sexy and certainly more happy.  

This course is designed to help you in those first steps to a new positive relationship with your body through mixed media, affirmations and the creative process.

Workshop Information

This is a pre-recorded workshop for you to access in your own time and in privacy. There is no set amount of time that you will have access to the workshop, thus there is no pressure. 

The workshop will contain multiple sessions of different lengths:

  1. Choosing the right pose
  2. Transferring your image to your canvas
  3. Affirmations 
  4. Using collage & creating textures
  5. Adding colour to your background
  6. Painting/colouring your model
  7. Painting/colouring hair
  8. Finishing touches

Materials List

Use what you have, this list is simply a guide (a more detailed list will be available upon enrolment):

  • Canvas/watercolour paper/mixed media paper (the heavier the better)
  • Printer & copier paper (if you are doing the transfer technique)
  • Pencils (softer the better: e.g 2B-6B, and a harder pencil e.g. HB)
  • Collage pieces (books, magazines, tissue papers, napkins, rice papers, light-weight paper-stocK)
  • Adhesive (gel medium is best as it doesn’t yellow, but mod podge or other wet glue will work for personal projects)
  • Scissors
  • Series of colour mediums: acrylic paints, watercolours, I’ll be using Neocolor ii’s – colour list will be made available)
  • Paintbrushes 

Workshop Requirements

This workshop is for anyone. You do not need to be able to draw. 


You are not expected to share your creation, however, a safe group will be created should you wish to share or be around others like you.

This course is not a replacement of any form of counselling or official treatment. If you are in any form of therapy, please discuss this course with your therapist first. 

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