A New Website

After some technical difficulties with the Art So Crafty™ Facebook Page, we have decided to revamp and refocus. We’ll be focusing on mixed media projects, but we’ll also be running some creative body positive & empowerment online workshops. We thank you for your patience as we get everything back to normal. Our blog will still cover many crafts, but we hope this focus area will be more user friendly.
Thank you for your support
Gracie x
Feb 27, 2022

Empowerment Workshops


I believe that in 2022 there should be no hatred towards any gender, race or sexuality. There should be no right or wrong body-type, and that these negative labels and discourses need to be replaced with love, acceptance and kindness; towards others and most importantly towards ourselves.

I will be developing a series of workshops designed to empower you, to provide you with a safe and non-judgemental space to create and explore.